Elyments App Download, Features 2020: How to Install Elyments App?

About Elyments App

What is Elyments app? Many people talk about elyments app but how ro download elyments app online, some people talk that elyments app not working. So in this article we shared information. If you are tired of using Facebook and Instagram, you can try Elements, as Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu launched the Elements app, which claims to be India’s first official social media app.

The Eleyments app has been created by over a thousand IT professionals, including Art of Living volunteers, managed by Sri Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The app will compete with movies like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Created by the Art of Living organization’s “volunteers”, Elements offers users a social media feed, chat interface and audio-video calling facility, while stating that all user data is encrypted and stored locally in India.

What is Elyments App?

The Indian government has backed the launch of India’s indigenous ‘super app’ for social media activities after China banned several popular apps last week. The app, known as ‘Elements’, was launched today by Vice President of India M. Launched by Venkaiah Naidu. Among its most exciting features, the app will be available in eight Indian languages ​​and will offer features like social media content feed, chat interface and options for making audio and video calls.

The elyments app is said to be entirely made in India and is listed on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store by Sumeru Software Solutions – the promoter behind the Art of Living organization’s smartphone app.

Revealing the details of the app on Twitter, Naidu said, “More than a thousand IT professionals, including Art of Living volunteers, have come up with an indigenous app. It is commendable that this app will be available in eight Indian languages. Is a powerhouse and some of our names in the field are world-renowned. With so many talented professionals, I think there should be a lot of such research in the future. ”

How to Download Elyments App?

If you want to download elyments app online then you can download elymennts app for Google play store.

Indigenous online networking application elements have advanced. VP Venkaiah Naidu has expedited the petition today. The app was available on the Google Play Store at the time, although today it is financially advanced.

The extraordinary element of this app is that it has been introduced as an overly internet based life program. Online business administration can also benefit from this application. The app will be available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The petition has been forwarded under confident India.

Elyments App Indian Social App

The recent ban on 59 Chinese smartphone apps in India, including the viral popular ‘TikTok’, has opened a vacuum in social media, trying to fill people like Jesserchet, Roposo, Bolo India, Chingri and Like. The move is reviving the ‘Make in India’ trend, one of which will be the Art of Living Elements app.

For access safety, Sumeru said that all conversations on the application end are encrypted and the application fully complies with India’s data collection laws, and the service’s data servers are stored locally.

Currently most of the Elements app reviews seem positive, but there are many reports that users cannot access the app, indicating that there is a dental bug in its service. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see whether the elements officially supported by the Vice President of India succeed in increasing the number of global companies like Facebook and WhatsApp as a perfect example of the service built in India. After being in beta for a while, it has seen over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store so far.

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